LED Stocking Stuffers

It’s hard to forget about holiday gifts altogether, but stocking stuffers are something that I often forget about until the last minute. It’s really a shame, too, because stocking stuffers can be just as meaningful as larger gifts, if you put a little thought into them.

Flashlights are something that can come in handy for anyone, and because they can come in tiny sizes, they can make some great stocking stuffers. Take a look at just a few of the smaller LEDs we carry at Blade HQ:

outback-bitzer-orange-sku-150 fenix-flashlight-e01-blue-compact-nichia-13-lumens olight-flashlight-13-eos-red nitecore-sens-mini foursevens-preon-p1-blue outback-flashlight-boomerang-sku-140-orange



What LEDs do you want this holiday season?

Get your LEDs from Blade HQ!

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