Types of LED Flashlights

LED Headlamps:

The outdoors offers so much to do and experience both day and night. Two of the most frequent outdoor recreations are Backpacking and Hiking I just wanted to lay out some reasons why an LED Headlamp would be the best choice for both outings. 


An LED Headlamp is excellent for any outdoor use like Camping, most especially backpacking. Since the nature of camping/backpacking involves setup, breakdown, preparing meals, building a fire, etc., having an LED Headlamp would make the process easier at night- fasten it on your head, turn it on, and you’ve got two hands free for any task.

To illustrate, consider the amount of steps one takes to set up a tent:  Finding a location, clearing the area from rocks and branches for the groundsheet; installation of poles for the rain fly and inner tent; and  fastening stakes or pegs into the ground. All of these steps would be difficult to do without the use of two hands. With an LED Headlamp, your hands are free to do what you need to do spending less time for setup and more time for enjoyment.


Most hiking trips are day trips but night hiking is common. Hiking at night can be an amazing experience with either the lights of the stars or the lower lights of the city to enjoy, and an LED Headlamp would be the perfect accessory. Headlamps are convenient and definitely a luxury.

However, safety is more of an issue with night hiking and having two hands free is a necessity. You’ll be more prepared to handle difficult situations alone or with helping other people in your party. Headlamps sit comfortably on your head and you control the direction of the beam by your head. This makes it easy to use even under the emotional and physical strain of any sudden emergency.

LED Flashlights

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LED Lanters

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Other Types of LED Flashlights

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Types of LED Flashlights — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, I am interested in purchasing one of your LED flashlights and wondered if the brightest light was 1500 lumens. I am looking to spend around $80 or
    more and want the brightest beam possible. This is mainly for serious outdoor scientific research work in a number of different countries in jungle
    settings. This light should also be waterproof and not larger then say about 10″. Also can I purchase this from your company ad how long would it take to ship to Ct., USA ?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi, I’m interested in some of the flashlights you have but I’m particularly looking for LED flashlights suitable for security guard work. Notably small, 10″ or less,waterproof, beam range of up to 500 metres.
    Can I buy direct from your company and is possible to ship my item to Papua New Guinea and all the costs associated with it .
    I would also like to know the type payments acceptable in ordering your products.
    Thankyou for your understanding and help.

    • You can buy flashlights from our company, bladehq.com. However, we cannot ship directly to Papua New Guinea. We accept most credit cards, debit card, and cashier checks/money orders.

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