Top 10 LED Flashlights

LED flashlights are a relatively new type of flashlight, and there are already too many options to choose from. This means that shopping for a LED flashlight can be confusing, difficult, and even frustrating.

In order to alleviate the burden of shopping for a LED flashlight, today I want to share with you my top ten favorite LED flashlights. These LED flashlights are the best that I have come across, and although this is not an exhaustive list, you can’t go wrong with any of these flashlights.

#10 Eagle Tac – P100C2 – This is a good CREE XP-E (Q5) LED flashlight. I like the new shock mounted lens. It takes two CR123 batteries.

Two Modes of Output:

High: 2 hour runtime – 220 lumens

Low: Up to 14 hour runtime – 55 lumens

#9 Pelican – 7060 – Pelican got together with the Los Angeles Police Department to develop this flashlight. It has rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries with a charge time of 4-5 hours.

Max: 160 lumens

#8 Surefire – Kroma – This is a nice dual output flashlight with three color options (red, white, or blue). This flashlight works with two CR123 batteries.

Two Modes of Output:

High: 50 lumens

Low: 1.4 lumens

#7 Streamlight – Polystinger LED – Another great rechargeable flashlight. This one has a really sturdy aluminum body.

Three Output Modes:

Low: 2 hour runtime – 185 lumens

Medium: 3.75 hour runtime – 95 lumens

High: Up to 7.25 hour runtime -45 lumens

#6 Nitecore – D10 – This is a cool flashlight with a unique electronic controlled switch. It is powered by a single AA battery.

Two Output Modes:

High: 50 minutes – 130 lumens

Low: 45 hours – 3 lumens

#5 4Sevens – Quark AA – Premium Cree XP-G (S2). Runs on one AA battery.

Seven Output Modes:

Moonlight: 0.4 lumens for 422 hours

Low: 4 lumens for 48 hours

Medium: 19 lumens for 6 hours

High: 83 lumens for 90 minutes

Max: 95 lumens for 57 minutes

Strobe: 95 lumens for 2.5 hours

Beacon: 0-95 lumens pulse for 18 hours

#4 Dorcy International – 41-4299 – This is a Cree (Q4) rechargeable LED flashlight. It has a two hour runtime on each charge. This flashlight also includes an AC/DC charger which means that it can be charged on the go.

Max: 220 lumens

#3 Inova – T4 – One of the best rechargeable lithium-ion flashlights. This flashlight was engineered with the professional in mind. Very durable.

Max: 227 lumens

#2 Olight – M20 Warrior – Great highly rated flashlight. This light features three brightness levels and a strobe mode. This flashlight takes two CR123 batteries.

Max: 250 lumens

#1 Fenix - LD 20 (R4) – This is a great high performance flashlight, and you will probably be able to find it for a reasonable price. It uses two AA batteries, and has 4 brightness levels, strobe, and SOS modes.


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  1. I have seen some place a LED flashlight with 10 LED bulbs some place but I can’t remember where it is can it be you?

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