Top 7 LED Flashlights

Fenix TK21 LED Flashlight at

The best thing about LED flashlights is that you do not have to spend a whole lot of money to get something good. Now, as is with most anything that takes batteries, those pesky little power sources tend to cost more over time, than ten … Continue reading

Under $60 Headlamp Lights

Consider the following situations:

“Uh, that crawlspace is awfully dark. Who knows what’s lurking in there…”

“Dang, it’s 3am. I’m all cozy in my tent, but nature is calling. It’s pitch black outside! … “

“Sigh, the kids pushed another DVD under the entertainment center. Can’t quite make the DVD out in the dark underside of my mammoth entertainment center… “

“The power just went out. Guess I’ll have to sit here in the dark…”

What can save the day?

“Thank goodness for my trusty flashlight!!”

Flashlights are helpful in many dark situations. The flashlight (or torch) is a wonderful invention: a light on-the-go.

So what’s better than a flashlight?

A headlamp: a hands-free alternative to the flashlight. It’s a light that is secured in place on the head with a band. Consider the situations above with just a flashlight:

“Glad I have this flashlight in here with me. There’s that box! It’s a lot heavier than I thought…wish I had two hands to pull this thing out.”

“Ah, this flashlight makes it so much easier for me to find my way to a tree. Dang zipper! It’s stuck on something. I need two hands, but where can I put down my flashlight so I can still see what the problem is down there?”

“My head keeps blocking the light! Can’t see the DVD if the flashlight is in front of my head. Can’t find the DVD if the flashlight can’t shine where I want it. Perhaps I need a smaller head.”

“Got my flashlight and made it to the breaker without breaking a leg. This big flashlight is getting heavy. It’s too big to put in my mouth and to hold with my chin, no place to put it down… SALLY!!!!”

Now imagine each situation if you had a headlamp instead of a flashlight:

“This headlamp is great! I can see where I’m going. ACK! Mice!” *Whack* “Thank goodness I had the extra hands to bring a broom for just this reason. Mice attacks are rare, but they happen.”

“Found a good tree, this headlamp is great. DANG! Looks like my shirt’s caught in my zipper. Just a little tug here with this hand and pull there with the other hand.” *twinkle* “Ah…now back to bed.”

“Found the DVD! It was right in front of where I was looking. This headlamp provided the light where I needed it.”

“It’s like I have a light on my head. Wait! I do.” *Creak* “Didn’t think turning on a breaker would need two hands, but stranger things have happened. Glad I had my two hands free or I would have need to call Sally down here.”

Headlamps are quite useful when you need a light and two hands. They’re great for camping, night hiking, emergency situations, reading a book in the dark, getting a midnight treat without waking up the rest of the household, night fishing, changing a flat tire at midnight in the middle of nowhere, spelunking, etc. The uses of a headlamp are numerous.

Looking to spend to under $60 for headlamp for just those situations stated above or perhaps for some other reason? I recommend the following:

I love the Fenix brand. They offer high-quality, sensible products that use AA or AAA batteries.


Fenix HL21 LED Headlamp @ The Fenix HL21 LED Headlamp with a CREE XP-E (R4) LED is another great LED headlamp to own. It’s lightweight and compact aluminum body is impact resistant and waterproof to IPX-8 Standard; powered by a single AA battery; multiple light modes with a maximum of 97 lumens and a minimum of 3 lumens (high, mid, low & SOS); it can run up to 53 hours on low; it throws its beam a distance of 305 feet. Retails around $50. You can get it for only $30.95.
Fenix HL30 LED Headlamp @ bladeHQ.comThe bigger, more handsome brother of the Fenix HL21 is the Fenix HL30 LED Headlamp with a Cree XP-G (R5) LED & a Nichia red light LED is a great buy. It’s powered by two AA batteries; multiple light modes with a maximum of 200 lumens and a minimum of 4 lumens; it can run up to 140 hours on low; an accessible push button switch; and the LED is digitally regulated which helps maintain constant brightness. Retails at around $53. You can find it at for only $37.95.
LED Lenser H7 LED Headlamp @ bladehq.comThe LED Lenser H7 LED Headlamp (German made) is a good headlamp. It has two modes: 155 lumens on high and 2.7 lumens on low. It can throw its beam as far as 590 feet; has a maximum run time of 63 hours on low; water resistant to IPX-4 Standard; uses three AAA batteries. You can adjust the beam to whatever activity you’re doing: if you’re hiking, you want a wide beam versus if you’re putting up a tent, you want a more focused beam. It retails at $60. You can find it at for only $48.95.

You can find more great deals on headlamps at

Give a Flashlight for Father’s Day

A flashlight is a gift that cannot go wrong when it comes to Father’s Day. I’m not talking about those $1-$10 flashlights you can find in almost every convenience store. No, those flashlights are not worth your time or money. I’m talking about the flashlights that can make a room fall silent in awe or can cause someone to utter, “I need on of those.” After some research, any of the following flashlights will make a spectacular and cost-effective gift.

Fenix LD10 LED Flashlight High Performance Cree XP-G (R5) 100 Lumens

The Fenix LD10 or the Fenix LD20 are a must buy! These flashlights are durable, lightweight and run on one AA battery (instead of a CR2). These flashlights are great as an everyday carry, for camping and outdoors use, or for long-lasting use. The flashlights have 6 settings. When on the maximum setting, they shine at 100 lumens and 180 lumens respectively. Overall with their FL1 Standard ratings and price, they are a great value.


Fenix LD10 & E05 LED Flashlight Boxed Gift Set

You can get a Fenix LD10 and a Fenix E05 as a boxed set. Two for the price of one.






Fenix TK35 Flashlight High Performance Cree XM-L (T6) LED 820 Lumen

If you’re looking for a handheld flashlight, the Fenix TK35 is the one for you. This flashlight is a high performance Cree XM-L (T6) LED light that has a whopping 820 lumen max output from four four 3V CR123A batteries or two 18650 rechargeable batteries. The TK35 has four light modes with two flashing modes (strobe and SOS) so you can do it all.



Surefire Fury Ultra-High Dual Output LED Flashlight (500 Lumens) P2X-B-BK

The Surefire Fury gives off 500 lumens when in maximum output. It’s lighter than the Fenix TK35. It’s great for camping, emergency/survival situations, and some hiking. Virtually indestructible, the LED is regulated to maximize output and run time. It has a dual-output tailcap click switch–press or click for low then high output (ie user-friendly).



Any of these flashlights will make your father/husband/grandfather/loved one smile. It will be a gift they’ll remember.


Knives with LED Flashlights

Yes, we love LED flashlights. But as many of you know, is owned and operated by where we love knives too. Our speciality is name brand knives from companies like Microtech Knives, Spyderco Knives, Protech Knives, and Benchmade Knives. At the same time we’re committed to bringing you name brand flashlights from Fenix, Surefire, Icon and Inova. And then we had a thought… why not showcase some of of the knife products that feature built in LED flashlights? Here are our top picks:

CRKT 9080 Lumabiner:

The CRKT Lumabiner is available in three different colors: blue, silver, and green. It’s basically a folding pocket knife with a built-in LED light. It can be useful as a keyring fob, will clip to a belt loop, and fits in the palm of your hand. Columbia River Knife and Tool excels at making nifty doodads with tons of built in functionality!



Victorinox Swiss Army Knife:

Several Victorinox Swiss army knives have many functions; they work as great multi-tools. However, you may not know that many of these multi-tools include an LED mini light! Swiss army knives are light, compact, and have tons of functions. They’re an ideal match for anyone on the go.


Schrade Fixed Blade Knife:

These knives are sweet! It comes with a black ABS sheath that doubles as a knuckle weight. The sheath also houses an LED light at the base. It includes a pocket clip, lanyard rope, and ball chain for neck knife enthusiasts. This knife really has just about everything!

Mantis Necessikey:

This perfect little dynamo provides all of the essentials, right when you’ll need them. A blade, a bulb, and a bottle opener, right on your keys! Unlike some of the small LED bulbs on the market, we designed the B-3 to allow for replacement batteries. Just one of the many great benefits that MANTIS brings to the industry. The blade is 1” long, and the whole unit is just a little bit larger than a quarter.

Benchmade Houdini Multi-Tool Rescue Hook: Not exactly a knife, but still applicable with its folding hook blade and seat belt cutter. This rescue tool features a spring loaded glass breaker with submersible LED light. Multiple carry options with carry-clip and nylon sheath.

Right now the knife & LED flashlight combos are a bit scarce, but we saw some promising designs while we were at the 2011 Las Vegas shot show. With LED technology rapidly evolving we think it won’t be long until their are some very well designed knife & LED flashlight products from more mainstream companies.

Which LED flashlight is right for me?

Many of you ask yourselves, “With so many LED flashlights available, which one is the right one for me?”.  There are so many brands each with their own product lines that it makes your effort in searching for the right LED light, the right fit, seem exhaustive with no success of finding the “one”. Having so many LED Flashlight options available can seem daunting, like finding a needle in a haystack . So, what do you do? Well, you can either “take the bulb by the horns” and search,  or just give up on searching and, on an impulse, purchase the first thing that pops up on Google, later wishing you had taken the time to search for the right flashlight specific to your needs. It’s always better to purchase something that fits your needs rather than trying to force yourself to love and adjust your liking for that regretful purchase, whether it’s an impulse buy or not.  

I am here to help you simplify the process of finding the right LED flashlight for you. Let’s begin.  

First, the right questions:  

What are the benefits of an LED Flashlight?  

There are many benefits for an LED flashlight and here are two of the biggest: Economical and Longevity.   

The biggest benefit of an LED flashlight is that you won’t have to change the batteries and light bulbs as often. Flashlights with incandescent bulbs last for only a few hours, maybe 20 illumination hours total, where an LED flashlight could last hundreds of illumination hours. That means big savings on batteries.  

In addition to not having to replace batteries, an LED light bulb last longer than regular incandescent bulbs. I think we’ve all been in a situation where a bulb goes out right when you need light the most, and changing the light bulb in the dark is difficult, if not impossible. In the past, incandescent light bulbs would last about 20 hours  but LED light bulbs will last hundreds maybe thousands of hours. This means even “MORE” savings for you over time.  

An LED flashlight is also a great buy because it is more resilient. Most LED lights nowadays come encased in aluminum making it water resistant or waterproof, allowing more usability for the outdoors. I have a small Fenix PD10 and it’s been with me on fishing, camping, and hiking trips. Never once – even with all the dirt, smoke, and rain – did it fail. That little guy has been good to me.  

Another thing to mention is the resilience of an LED bulb. If you drop a flashlight with an incandescent bulb you run the risk of breaking it’s filament – the part of an bulb that emits light. The LED bulb has a compact light source which are small reflectors or lenses, and this makes them less apt to break.  

Now that you know what the benefits are for an LED flashlight, the next question to ask is, what types of LED flashlights are there? I listed them into three categories, Compact, Medium, and Large – and included an example for each. An added perk into categorizing these LED flashlights by size is that you’ll be able to gauge what light to purchase that is specific to your needs.  


These compact LED flashlights range in length from 2 to 5 inches and come with up to 100 lumens of beam power. These little guys are perfect for a purse, car, office, and the outdoors. One little trick I learned while trout fishing is, by reversing the detachable light clip, you can slide it onto the brim of your hat and have an instant headlamp. Here’s an example of a compact LED flashlight:  

Fenix LD10 LED Flashlight


Two Modes: General and Turbo (General and Turbo combine for 6 types of output: General Mode: 3 Lumens, 13 Lumens, 45 Lumens; SOS Turbo Mode: 45 Lumens and 100 Lumens (Strobe feature).
Waterproof and Submersible: 2 meters
Beam Distance: 87 meters
4” (Length) x .85” (Diameter)
2 ounces (without battery)
Uses one 1.5V AA battery  

This flashlight, the Fenix PD10, is a favorite amongst my friends and colleagues. If you’re looking for something with the most features for the price, this is your light: Compact, Powerful, and Durable.


The function of medium LED flashlights are the same as the compact lights but with one added perk, more strength to tackle extreme use. These lights, like the one listed below (TK15), are used to face the extreme conditions of the outdoors, law enforcement, and military use. They come in length from about  5 to 6.5 inches, diameter of about 1.5 inches, and up to 350 lumens of beam power. Those days of the D Battery Maglite that cops would carry are now being replaced with these medium sized LED lights that are many times lighter, brighter, tougher, and mobile.

Fenix TK15 Flashlight 


Five modes of output, selected by turning the bezel: Low: 5 Lumens; Mid: 47 Lumens; High: 143 Lumens; Turbo: 337 Lumens; Strobe: 337 Lumens.
Beam distance: 215 meters
5.75” (length) x 1.34” (diameter)
5.3 ounces (excluding batteries)
Uses two 3V CR123A Batteries or one 18650 Battery


Large LED lights are serious lights for serious people. People fond of expedition, adventure sports, and emergency rescue crews have good use for these extreme lights. They’re still portable enough to carry with you – there are many models that come with an adjustable strap for carrying – but come with beams that will surpass any that have already been mentioned.

These lights range in length between about 7 to 10 inches and come with beam power ranging between 255 Lumens to 1500 Lumens (Romisen RC-T6). Yes, 1500 Lumens!

Fenix TK35


6 modes of output: Low: 12 Lumens; Mid: 109 Lumens; High: 346 Lumens; Turbo: 820 Lumens; Flashing: Strobe: 820 Lumens; SOS: 109 Lumens)
Waterproof and Submersible (2 meters)
Beam distance: 333 meters
6.45” (length) x 2.03 (Diameter: Head)
9.05 ounces (excluding batteries)
Uses four 3V CR123A or Two 18650 rechargeable batteries.