What Do You Use Your LED Light For?




LED lights are incredibly versatile. It’s their reliability that is making them such a popular alternative to other lights. Many people know that, by going with an LED light, they are using something they know they can count on. With such reliability, people are using LED lights for a multitude of different reasons. With so many options, we want to know what you are using you LED light for? Are you a service man or woman who relies on your light with your life? Or do you use it for recreation such as biking and running at night? We want to know what you do with your lights! Take the quick poll below and let us know how you use your LED!

Is there something you use your light for that isn’t included on the list? Let us know in the comments below, we love to hear from you!

Olight S1 Baton Flashlight


They say big things come in small packages.  But that goes double for the Olight S1 Baton.  This light is the smallest light ever produced by Olight, and they do not disappoint.  It has all the attention to detail you would expect from a much larger flashlight.  There is so much packed into this tiny light, you just have to see it to believe it.

The Olight S1 baton Flashlight features 3 different brightness levels, moonlight mode and strobe.  Plus, as an added bonus, it comes with 2 different time functions,  3 and 9 minutes.  If you can believe it, this tiny light, at its brightest setting, pumps out 500 lumens!  Yes, you read that right, 500 lumens!  This is one of the most powerful lights for its size.  With the middle function putting out 80 lumens, and the low function shining with 8 lumens, this little light has chops.


This light really is one that you need to see to believe.  It’s small enough to fit in your first, but able to live up to anything you can throw at it.  With an aerospace grade aluminum body, this dynamite light can handle the most rugged of situations.  Don’t be deceived by its modest size!  This light has a place on any bug out bag or camping trip.  It’s small size make it an easy carry, while its powerful beam makes it just as useful as a lot of other, larger, lights.


The tail on the S1 also features a powerful magnet and removable pocket clip.  Easy to pull off in a hurry.  So what you lose in size, you more than makeup for in accessibility.  Not only do I suggest clipping this on any bug out bag, it would also be right at home on any keychain.  Your new EDC could easily be an LED.  With the days getting shorter, and darker earlier, it’s important to be prepared for anything.   As winter draws closer, more and more people are finding themselves leaving work in the dark.  The sun has set by the time you clock out, so why not be prepared for that?  Clip this on your keychain and light up those long cold walks to the car.  Get it for a loved one for that added piece of mind.

The Holidays are also just around the corner.  They will be here before you know it, and this little light would make the perfect stocking stuffer.  Faces won’t be the only thing lighting up this holiday.

Have you had a chance to see this tiny but powerful knife in person?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

Charge your Battery



Any flashlight enthusiast knows that constantly replacing and maintaining batteries can be a huge pain, not to mention pricy.   Batteries aren’t cheap.  Consistently picking up a pack from the store and replacing them time and time again can really start to add up.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to have a good back up, but sometimes you need something you can rely on for an extended amount of time.  For that, you will wanted to go rechargeable.  A rechargeable battery may not last forever, but it will drastically cut down on the amount of times you are replacing your batteries.

But, this brings up the next logical question.  How do I get the best charge for my buck?  When it comes to rechargeable’s, where do I start?

Lucky enough for you, we are here to help, and provide you with a few options.

Fenix is a trusted brand when it comes to LED lights.  They are consistently pumping out quality, reliable lights.  So it is safe to assume their rechargeable battery system is just as reliable, and affordable.  They offer a multitude of different battery sizes, for any number of different lights.   From the 16340 Li-ion for only $5.95 each, all the way up to the ARB-L4-4800.   There are so many options, Fenix is sure to have the battery for whatever you need.



On top of their diverse selection, they also offer a fantastic Multi-charger.  With 4 slots, this system lets you charge multiple batteries at a time.  Making it much easier, and much less time consuming.  On top of that, this charger is also able to charge batteries of different sizes and shapes.  Making this the ideal system for someone looking to charge batteries for different flashlights.  For only $49.95, this charger will save you a fortune on batteries over time.


NiteCore also offers an impressive way to keep your batteries charged, without dropping a fortune.   The intellicharge i2 universal automatic battery smart-charger offers 2 slots for different sizes.  While not offering as many as the Fenix, it does come with a more modest price tag of only $16.95, while still giving you the opportunity to charge multiple batteries at a time. \


So no matter what kind of battery you need, we definitely have a way to help you save.  Go with a rechargeable battery and always be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Do you have a rechargeable system you depend on?  Any tips or tricks?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Choosing a Dive Light

Dive Light 1

Scuba diving can be an incredibly rewarding recreational activity.  Whether diving in the Open Ocean or smaller bodies of water such as lakes and ponds, there is so much to learn and experience below the surface.  But, like any recreational past-time, you need to be prepared for anything.  A hiker will have everything he needs before he sets out on the trail, and scuba diving is no different.  You need to check your tanks and other equipment.  The last thing you want is to run out of air 100 feet down.  One commonly looked over piece of equipment is the dive light.

As you descend deeper and deeper, the water begins to filter out sunlight more and more.  You don’t want to have to return to the surface because your lack of vision, and the best way to go about that, is with a dive light.  This will allow you to get into the darker, murkier places and truly make the most out of your scuba experience.  But, this raises the question “How do I choose a dive light”?   There are several factors that will play into the dive light that is perfect for you.

Dive light 2

First and foremost, the dive light needs to be water-proof.  I know, it sounds ridiculous.  If you are scuba diving, it goes without saying.  But this is a commonly looked over piece of advice.  So make sure you take it into account.  It would be absolutely terrible to spend money on a dive light, only to jump in the water and have it short out.  Now a days most flashlights tend to be waterproof.  But always make sure to double check.  Better safe than sorry.

Next, you are going to want to evaluate how you will be using the dive light.   Understand your particular needs as a diver, then plan accordingly.  Will you be staying to the shallows (99 feet and above), or will you be going deeper and exploring further?  Will you be diving during the day, and only using your dive light for cracks and caverns?  Or will you be diving at night, and relying on your dive light as your lifeline?  These are very important questions to ask yourself before you jump in.

If you are diving during the day, you may only need a smaller, more accurate light.  Something to look under rocks, and in cracks.  But if you are diving at night, and relying heavily on your light, you may want to get something with a wider beam, therefore illuminating a broader area.

Dive Light 3

Most divers will tell you, whether professional or recreational, an LED light is always going to be your best bet.  Incredibly reliable, able to pierce through the muck and murk, an LED light will serve you best.  LED’s are reliable, durable, and all around a great light to rely on.  No matter which version you go with, always make sure you are going with an LED dive light.

Are you a diver with a favorite light?  Something you take with you every time you jump in?  Let us know in the comments below.

Firefighters LED’s


In the past we have talked about, fun, interesting uses for LED lights, from turtle watching, to how they are revolutionizing the entertainment industry.  But what about when the power of an LED light can literally be the difference between life and death.

I’m talking of course, about Firefighters.  These brave servicemen must work quickly, and accurately to save as many lives as possible, sometimes even their own.  By the time they arrive the smoke from the fire can be thick, and hard to see through.  So what do they rely on to help them get through?  LED flashlights of course.  To pierce through the dense smoke, firefighters need a light with a strong beam.  Something too “floody” would only serve in illuminating the smoke itself.  Think of it like driving in a snow storm.  Using the high beams only illuminates the snow, making it hard to see, but the low beams cut through, lighting your way.


So what kind of lights are our firefighters using?  I looked around the web to see what real servicemen prefer.  Here is what I found.

This forum, over at Firefighternation.com has real firefighters answering the question “What kind of flashlights do you use?”

The first person to reply had this to say:

“We have pelican and streamlight. I also carry a surefire.”

It’s great to see that these great servicemen and women trust so much in LED lights that they are willing to risk their life on them.

A similar question was also posed on candlepowerforums.com

The names streamlight, and surefire come up again and again.  You don’t need to be on these forums long to see that these brands are found to be highly trusted in the heat of a fire.  Many of these men and women praise their ability to cut through the smoke.

You can take it from me, or you can take it from the firefighters themselves.  Check out the forums above to get a fantastic look into the world of firefighting and the LED’s they choose to carry.

What LED light would you want with you, if you were battling a fire?  Know any firefighters they use an LED?  We enjoy hearing from you, so let us know in the comments below.